Julie and Casey's Wedding

Married in 2013 at Harn Homestead.

Julie Porter has been the friend of our owner and creative director, Kindt Steven Myers, for many years.  They met thru Julie’s work as deputy director of the Oklahoma Flim & Music Office, and Kindt’s work producing events for deadCENTER Film Festival.  When Julie met Kasey, we all knew they were in big trouble.  It was love for sure, in all the best ways.  Kasey had a great job, but was also one of the most crafty people we’ve ever met.  One of his hobbies is bee keeping, and so, once engaged, Kasey and his honey bees went straight to work making special favours for wedding guests: beeswax-based balm in tiny, gorgeous, tin containers, with his customized labels.   Wow!  They were one of the best parting gifts we’ve ever seen.

Julie is a rock, hard working, goal-oriented… but event she was made nervous at the thought of nuptials and all the folks gathered to witness.  After a few remedies, and the help of some gladiator bridesmaids, we got Julie into her stunning off-the-shoulder gown, and a pair of special red cowgirl boots, and posted up at the back of the aisle, on her beloved fathers’ arm.

The couple was married at the gazebo at Harn Homestead, with a reception inside and in front of the historic barn on the acreage there.  Entertainment by Mark Gibson and Tyler Smith filled the homestead with fantastic acoustic style music.  The weather was perfect for this most special occasion, and a full bar, with locally brewed beers from Coop Ale Works was enjoyed.

For their send-off, the crowd cast dried lavender into the air over the happy newlyweds, and they were whisked away in a white limousine, for their happily ever-after!